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Save from the start by financing your U.S. home

When you finance vs. paying all cash, your initial costs are limited to a down payment and closing costs. This preserves your Canadian equity and assets — and saves you thousands of dollars in one-time, upfront foreign exchange costs.


Cash needed at closing

If you finance...

$119,700 CAD

(For 20% down payment and 2.5% closing costs, when converting your CAD to USD.)

If you pay cash...

$532,000 CAD

(For the full purchase price, when converting your CAD to USD.)

This calculator assumes an exchange rate of: US$1/C$ 0.76, a 20% down payment and 2.5% in closing costs. Note: Foreign exchange rates are subject to change at a moment’s notice.

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Save thousands on a U.S. mortgage

Don’t pay bank fees on your U.S. mortgage and save up to $4,500 USD in closing costs.42

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